Million Dollar Consultant Alan Weiss founded the Society for the Advancement of Consulting® (SAC) in September 2003 as a way of creating a critical mass of consulting practitioners in a collegial organization, who agreed to live within a given paradigm while embracing diversity within the profession and the membership.

Alan’s belief was that it is both a blessing and a curse that consulting and allied professional services have been so totally unregulated. The “easy entry” has provided highly skilled entrepreneurs with the opportunity to quickly launch and sustain high-growth business, but it also allowed mediocrity (and, unfortunately at times, incompetence) to freely enter the field.

Over the last 15 years, under Alan’s guidance, SAC has fostered a dedicated community of consultants who benefit not only from exposure to Alan’s insights and programs, but also from interaction with other SAC members, who are among the brightest minds in the profession today.

In early 2018, Alan turned over day-to-day management of SAC to two long-time members, Lisa Anderson and Linda Popky. Lisa and Linda have managed the SAC press release program for several years, and they are both members of the Million Dollar Consulting ® Hall of Fame. Their goal is to build upon the foundation set by Alan to expand programs and services for consultants in North America and beyond, and to continue to grow the SAC presence within the consulting community, with a combination of in-person and remote events throughout the year.

Alan Weiss will continue to stay involved—sending out monthly advice to SAC members, as well as keynoting the SAC Annual Meeting in New York City in the fall, and participating in teleseminars and other programs throughout the year. SAC members will also benefit from discounts on Alan’s on going programs and events, and interactions with members of his community.

We look forward to growing the premier organization for the advancement of consulting now and in the future. Join us.