Advancing Consulting Award Nomination Form

  • Nominate Your Consulting Colleague for one of two Awards

    In honor of our SAC founder, Alan Weiss, this nomination form is organized around his OMV formula.
  • Please give us the name of an individual who advances the profession of consulting at the highest level. (Self-nomination is fine.)
  • Please confirm that your nominee meets the eligibility requirements:

    • - Current member of SAC
    • - Independent business consultant (this may include engagements as an advisor, mentor, coach, speaker, etc.)
    • - Earns bulk of revenue generated through direct interaction with clients (vs. sub-contracting)
    • - Is not a member of the Advancing Consulting Awards Committee or an Executive Director
  • Your nominee must meet all of the following criteria:

    Tell us why you are nominating this candidate. Please base this on how well, to the best of your knowledge, they meet the selection criteria.
    1. a. Client Success: Examples of how the nominee enabled clients to achieve successful outcomes
    2. b. Innovation: A track record of moving his/her profession, the consulting profession and/or clients’ businesses forward with innovation.
    3. c. Advocacy and Growth by Association: Demonstrated advocate for the consulting profession and/or associations/ networks within his/her area of expertise.
    4. d. Resilience: Demonstrated ability to persist through obstacles, challenges and/or business cycles, enabling growth over the long-term.
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  • By submitting this form, you send a copy of this nomination to your nominee and the 2020 Advancing Consulting Awards committee.