Advancing Consulting Award Nomination Form

  • Nominate Your Consulting Colleague for one of two Awards

    In honor of our SAC founder, Alan Weiss, this nomination form is organized around his OMV formula.

    For information, please refer to Advancing Consulting Awards FAQs.

  • Please give us the name of an individual who advances the profession of consulting at the highest level. (Self-nomination is fine.)
  • Please confirm that your nominee meets the eligibility requirements:

    • - Current member of SAC
    • - Independent business consultant (this may include engagements as an advisor, mentor, coach, speaker, etc.)
    • - Earns bulk of revenue generated through direct interaction with clients (vs. sub-contracting)
    • - Is not a member of the Advancing Consulting Awards Committee or an Executive Director
  • Your nominee must meet all of the following criteria:

    Tell us why you are nominating this candidate. Please base this on how well, to the best of your knowledge, they meet the selection criteria.
    1. a. Client Success: Examples of how the nominee enabled clients to achieve successful outcomes
    2. b. Innovation: A track record of moving his/her profession, the consulting profession and/or clients’ businesses forward with innovation.
    3. c. Advocacy and Growth by Association: Demonstrated advocate for the consulting profession and/or associations/ networks within his/her area of expertise.
    4. d. Resilience: Demonstrated ability to persist through obstacles, challenges and/or business cycles, enabling growth over the long-term.
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  • By submitting this form, you send a copy of this nomination to your nominee and the 2020 Advancing Consulting Awards committee.