Bonus Webinars

Download the supporting PDF file for this webinar. Lisa Larter: Digital Media Strategy for Solo Consultants As solo consultant or partners in boutique practices, we are often wrapped up in [...]
As consultants, we can see where our clients are not spending their time optimally, and how they can improve their processes. But we sometimes have a hard time taking our [...]
Recorded October 7, 2020 Download this webinar audio as an mp3 file. Empathy: The Hidden Route to Faster Global Growth As part of our SAC Europe consultancy practitioner’s series, join [...]
Recorded June 19, 2020 Speaker: Robert Middelton New clients don’t come out of thin air. You need to ask yourself three questions. First, who exactly are my ideal clients? Second, [...]
Recorded May 7, 2020 Presenters: Becky Morgan (President of Fulcrum Consulting Works) will be presenting on how your operations and those of your clients will need to change once the [...]
This webinar is part of the Bonus webinar series. Recorded March 30, 2020 Speaker: Hamish Mackenzie Click here for the executive summary. About Hamish Mackenzie Munich, Germany As a highly [...]