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Cal LeMon

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Executive Enrichment, Inc.
1448 E. Bradford Parkway
Springfield, MO
Phone: 800-373-4040
Fax: 417-889-4080
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Cal LeMon has lived “two lives.”

The first twenty years of Dr. LeMon’s professional career was spent as a clergyman who served as a Chaplain at Harvard University for five years and then the senior minister for a large, multi-staffed congregation in the Midwest.

Dr. LeMon’s second life began with an invitation, in 1987, to become a senior faculty member with National Seminars Group, Kansas City, Missouri.

As a lecturer and consultant with NSG, Dr. LeMon began to craft his business expertise as a popular keynote speaker and mentor in major corporations around the world.

Since 1991, Dr. LeMon has built his own corporate training and consulting firm, Executive Enrichment, Inc.  His client list includes Texas Instruments, Gannett Newspapers, El Paso Corporation, MCI, SBC Communications, and TEC (The Executive Committee).

Dr. LeMon’s expertise is blend of a caring professional and an organizational development specialist who can communicate his insights with precision.

Dr. LeMon has been a frequent Guest Columnist on the Opinion Page of USA TODAY, the author of three books and a regular contributor to weekly business journals across the nation with his column, “LeMonAide.”

2058 N Mills Ave, #532 Claremont, CA 91711
Phone 909-630-3943
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