The Talent Transformation: People or Robots?

Article by , May 8, 2019

No matter the industry and geography, the topic of “People vs. Robots” is a hot topic! Certainly, manufacturing has been focused on technology and automation for quite some time to navigate the path to thrive in the modern environment of high costs, regulations, and elevated customer demands. The Manufacturing and Technology Expo in Pittsburgh is […]
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Mindful Leaders Build Unity

Article by , May 7, 2019

Organizations run by leaders with traditional management mindsets lag behind their forward-thinking competitors in many areas: turnover, morale, productivity, market share, financial stability and profitability. The impact reaches far beyond the workplace and has a boomerang effect.
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Leadership and True Grit

Article by , April 29, 2019

Leaders with grit focus on execution and achievement, promoting and upholding high standards. They have a strong drive to succeed, are group-focused and pride themselves on being strongly motivational.
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The Complexities of Leadership Personality

Article by , April 21, 2019

Traditional approaches to leadership development merely scratch the surface. The real issues occur at foundational levels and are remedied only when directly addressed. Methods and practices are important, but companies benefit only when they delve into the complexities of leadership personality.
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Amazon Disrupts Again

Article by , April 21, 2019

According to Bloomberg, Amazon disrupts again. They have abruptly stopped selling products from their wholesalers and are instead encouraging suppliers to sell on their marketplace, transferring the purchasing, storing and shipping of products to the supplier. The marketplace business is already estimated at $250 billion in value which is more than double the online retail […]
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Beware of Your Sales Blind Spots

Article by , April 20, 2019

No one in sales has an unobstructed 360-degree view of their relationship with their customers. Nobody. Not even top-performers. We are all prone to blind spots in sales: not seeing the very real vulnerabilities that can hinder work with even our very best customers. If left unchecked, that can cost you a fortune in lost business and revenue shortfalls.
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Earth to Sellers: Get Real about Social Media

Article by , April 15, 2019

No matter who you are in sales—whether you’re managing a team or selling in a territory—you know you need to go where the customers are.If I met you at a conference and I told you that all of your best prospects were gathered right now in the meeting room next door, you’d waste no time getting in there to start working the place. Of course you would. Because selling is social and personal. 
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Personality Impacts Leadership Effectiveness

Article by , April 5, 2019

Despite all of the resources available to leaders today – books, articles, seminars, coaching and training programs – employees remain dissatisfied with leadership, their jobs and the future. After decades of attention paid to building better leaders, overall workforce distaste and distrust show little improvement. The managerial mindset is also stagnant.
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The Pros and Cons of Perfectionistic Leaders

Article by , March 21, 2019

When perfectionistic leaders prioritize outcomes over people, employee morale and a leader’s legacy suffer. People need room to breathe and the freedom to contribute with the skills they have. There’s almost always more than one way to achieve a goal. Perfection, as desirable as it may seem, is deceptively dangerous.
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