Perfectionistic leaders

Article by , March 14, 2019

Perfectionistic leaders may be as damaging as those who embrace mediocrity. Perfectionists often obsess over process, commonly insisting that tasks be completed their way. Often accompanying perfectionism is obsessive-compulsive behavior, with leaders demanding adherence to narrow windows of acceptable norms. While ostensibly committed to doing what’s best, perfectionists have tightly controlled definitions of what best means.

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What’s Ahead for Business?

Article by , March 7, 2019

Thinking about our clients, colleagues and trade association/ trusted partner contacts from across multiple industries and company sizes, four overarching themes emerge in response to the question, “What’s ahead for business?”.    The customer experience:  It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about manufacturing, logistics, healthcare or services, the customer experience is of paramount importance. […]

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The Perils of Perfectionism

Article by , March 7, 2019

Employees generally agree that leaders with a passion for excellence, quality and accomplishment benefit their organizations. These qualities place leaders at the top of their fields. No one faults managers who give their all and make sacrifices, but too much of a good thing can also pose problems.

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The Return on Corporate Generosity

Article by , February 27, 2019

…there are many ways to give back while showing what you care deeply about. From personal gestures to team efforts and corporate action, generosity is a powerful fuel that makes meaningful, lasting change happen in the world. So get ready to win big: be generous today.

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Why Leaders Lose Their Mojo

Article by , February 24, 2019

Leaders who lose their mojo rarely have an accurate picture of what’s happening to (or inside) them, so the highest priority is a proper assessment by a trusted colleague, mentor or, optimally, a qualified leadership coach.

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What’s Ahead in Technology?

Article by , February 23, 2019

To think about what’s ahead in technology, it is important to put it in perspective with what’s ahead in business.  Read our article, “What’s Ahead in Business?” for details on the key trends impacting business: Importance of the customer experience Taking the holistic view has become a “must” Volatility is the new norm The coming […]

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Leadership Lack of Direction or Purposefulness

Article by , February 14, 2019

All leaders experience drift at some point in their careers. The greatest danger is failing to recognize it and taking steps to reverse it. Prolonging a short stretch of drift can render it irreversible, leading to career and team failures. Fortunately, leaders can take concrete steps to prevent irrevocable consequences.

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Leaders Who Thrive Avoid Leadership Drift

Article by , February 5, 2019

Business is an active, demanding endeavor. Only those who consistently apply themselves succeed. Organizations that flourish require leaders who actively dream, plan, engage, solve, pursue and network. It’s a lot of work, and there’s no finish line.

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How Resilient Are Your Business Partners?

Article by , January 26, 2019

As we kick off our new series “The Resilient Supply Chain”, we are thinking about resiliency from all angles that will impact success.  One of the first that pops to mind is the resilience of your business partners.  You and your company could be 100% proactive and resilient; however, if your business partners aren’t, you’ll […]

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