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Charlotte de Vries Lentsch

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Van Eeghenlaan 19
Amsterdam 1071 EM
Phone: 01131650618528
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Charlotte de Vries Lentsch is a consultant and coach on leadership in business and personal development. Having worked as a senior executive in both non-profit and profit organizations for many years, she has profound expertise in strategy, tactics and communication.

Charlotte is able to provide people and organizations with a kaleidoscopic insight and analysis and teach them how to live up to their full potential, based on her methodology Octophoron©. She is known for the immediate and lasting positive impact of her tailored advice, coaching and training. Working with your personified strictly confidential wishlist you will achieve your goals, keeping your balance in life. 

Proficient in Dutch, English, French and German, Charlotte is a gifted keynote speaker, amongst others on the How Wo/Men work.

About the methodology Octophoron©

The meaning of the Latin word Octophoron is “borne by eight”.

Octophoron© discerns eight components, the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, social, creative, intuitive and spiritual component. Ideally these components cooperate, supporting anybody or anything in any given situation.

To do so, however, these components need to be known, understood and, if possible, managed. If so, they will support, repair and enhance each other and therewith their Octophoree©. If not, they may ignore, neglect, overrule or even undermine each other, leading to discomfort, inefficiency and mishaps.

The purpose of Octophoron© is to understand and optimize these eight components and their interaction, improving efficiency and productivity as well as equilibrium and wellbeing.

To achieve that, you learn about your own set of eight components and how to understand and manage them. From that permanent insight, you can learn to understand and enhance the eight components and interaction of any other individual, group of individuals, any system, logistic or virtual, any animal, any object, any construction, as well as the interaction between these categories.

call me: +31 650 618 528+31 650 618 528
call me from the US: 011 316 5061 8528

2058 N Mills Ave, #532 Claremont, CA 91711
Phone 909-630-3943
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