Best Practices Webinar – Denise Brosseau

SAC Best Practices Webinar Series Thought Leadership - Denise Brosseau About the Speaker: As the CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, I work with leaders and their teams to accelerate their journey from leader to thought leader. I believe that thought leadership is not marketing nor sales but instead is building a following for your ideas, […]

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Best Practices Webinar – Norma Watenpaugh

SAC Best Practices Webinar Series What Your Clients Should Know About Partnering and Strategic Alliances – Norma Watenpaugh Consulting Advisory firm E&Y tagged the ecosystem as #1 CEO Imperative to accelerate growth, innovation and business resiliency. If so many of the largest and most successful companies have massive partner ecosystems, why do you still have […]

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SAC Europe Event – Amsterdam

SAC Europe Meetup in Amsterdam All day event with SAC members in Amsterdam. It's about time: SAC Europe is meeting face-to-face in Amsterdam on Friday June 24th! Join us as we discuss how to adapt our practices to the "never normal" world we now find ourselves in. You will also have the option to meet […]

PRACTICUM Webinar – Amy Lee Segami

Creating a TED Talk: The Process, Production, and Performance Your TED Talk provides credibility and visibility globally. As a thought leader, this is a great way to spread your ideas worldwide. The best place to start is a community-based TEDx event. However, not all TEDx events are created equal. This webinar will give you the […]

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SAC Business Accelerator Lab – Andrew Winig

Introduce Yourself (in 30 Seconds) Quick! It’s your turn! How are you going to introduce yourself, develop trust, highlight your services, encourage referrals, and demonstrate your expertise in only 30 seconds? In this interactive workshop you’ll learn how to create an effective 30-Second Elevator Pitch. We’ll cover: • What fits in 30 seconds (and what’s […]

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SAC Annual Meeting

The 2022 SAC Annual Meeting will occur on October 11-13, 2022. This will be a global virtual event. Our theme this year is “Reinvent for Success.” Click here for highlights of previous conferences. Learn more.

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