Leadership 2023 – A Shift to Self-Employment?

Article by , January 4, 2023

Leadership 2023:
A Shift to Self-Employment?

Is self-employment right for you? Is 2023 the best time to start your own business?

Questions like these are common right now. And the answer is: definitely, maybe.

Many leaders, executives, and managers secretly wish that they were self-employed. When they examine past career choices, future opportunities, and the reality that time is finite, they open the window to options and opportunities.

Regardless of the type of business, self-employment isn’t for everyone. It requires passion, know how, and opportunity. It requires strategy and great timing. And it takes resources.

To be sure, there are many pros and cons to consider:

  • A very rapid pandemic recovery reduced US unemployment from 10.2% (mid-2020) to 3.7% (November 2022). How will you identify and secure needed employees?
  • Ongoing pandemic impacts, including those to global economies. In anticipation of inflation (or recession), some services spending will be reduced in 2023. Is your ideal client a business, consumer, or mix?
  • While many home offices, technology, and skills were improved over the past two years, some supply and demand issues linger. What do you need to “open shop” and fulfill commitments?
  • US consumer confidence declined in November 2022, however, it is about the same as 2006 – 2007, 2015, and the short-term business conditions outlook improved. Would a partnership (or collaboration) be a better option to reduce risk? Maybe more importantly, if you don’t offer your service or solution, who will?

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