What Membership Means

New & Improved Member Benefits

SAC is expanding the list of member benefits, and it’s now easier then ever to join the organization or renew your membership with a new streamlined, easy-to-use online process for both first-time members and renewals.

Benefits include

  • Access to Million Dollar Consulting guru Alan Weiss through monthly updates, teleseminars, and in-person SAC Annual Meeting
  • Discounted rates to a two-day SAC Annual Meeting in New York City (October), featuring presentations by Alan Weiss in the morning and afternoon workshops by top experts in their field—all designed to help you build and grow your consulting practice.
  • Free attendance at the SAC Best Practices webinar program, featuring three sessions with Alan Weiss, and seven other top speakers of interest to the community.
  • Free attendance at the quarterly SAC PRACTICUM webinars that are designed to help you work ON your business.
  • Opportunity to attend a West Coast SAC Summit in Spring 2019.
  • Access to the top global community of consultants through membership in Alan’s Forums (alansforums.com), an international, private site where consultants discuss everything related to consulting, including fees, marketing, best practices, ethics, politics and more.
  • Opportunity to apply for SAC Board Certification in specialty areas.
  • New, updated website listing all SAC members, with links to member web sites.
  • Monthly newsletter, featuring Alan’s Advice and updates on SAC programs and events.
  • Opportunity to participate in bi-monthly news releases on timely topics related to the profession.
  • Opportunity to publish articles on the SAC website and to leverage SAC social media presence.
  • Support for mastermind and special interest groups within the bigger SAC organization.
  • SAC member badge and branding materials for use in your own marketing and website.
  • Early registration and SAC discounts on Alan Weiss events.
  • Discounts on support services (such as insurance, publicity, meeting facilities, shipping, etc.)
  • SAC in Print section will feature published books written by SAC members, with information on how to obtain them.
  • Partnerships and reciprocal benefits with complementary organizations.
  • Opportunity to participate in regional SAC activities, in US and international locations. 

Membership Criteria

  • SAC membership is available to consultants who are dedicated to making a living through the sale of consulting services.
  • SAC members must have high ethical standards and agree to be bound by the SAC code of ethics.
  • To join SAC, consultants should have at least three consecutive years in the consulting profession or related experience, defined to include coaches, trainers, facilitators, professional speakers, counselors, and related professions within our embrace.
  • We focus on solo practitioners, but also welcome individuals from small firms of 12 or fewer people.
  • Members should have college undergraduate degree or alternatively at least 10 consecutive years in the consulting profession or related experience.