Mindful Leadership-Self-Kindness Boosters

Article by , December 29, 2020

Self-Kindness Boosters

Work to cultivate greater feelings of kindness. Think of times when you felt a strong connection with someone—a meaningful conversation; a shared success or loss—and journal about the experience. This exercise will reinforce your sense of connection, and satisfy that human need to belong.

Next, recognize ways life has gotten a bit better. Have you been able to spend more time with family? Have you explored or developed different interests? What about greater understanding of different perspectives, beliefs, or opinions?

Reinforce your self-worth. Honor who you are, and act with authenticity. Exercise your power to choose, especially when it comes to attitude.

Finally, tackle the hard stuff. Prioritize ways you can strengthen your social ties.

For example, if your exercise includes walking outside, consider walking with a partner if you don’t already. If you already engage in this activity, extend your time by five minutes, slow your speed, and allow time to stop and notice. Take a photo, make a mental note, or even write down your thoughts and feelings.

Our health derives from being part of a strong community. Our happiness derives from enjoying things with other people. Has this been your experience?

Leaders who practice self-kindness accept reality with sympathy, achieve emotional equanimity, and build greater resilience. They reinforce their self-worth, and extend kindness to others.


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