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Consulting Group Analyzes Global Economies in 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013
The Society for the Advancement of Consulting® has asked its global members to comment on global economic prospects for 2013. "We are a global association of top consultants," notes SAC CEO Alan Weiss, PhD. "and we regularly ask our clients and our members what they are seeing. Here's a representative sample."

"Saskatchewan continues to represent one of the hottest global economies in 2013. Its diversified economy, based in commodities, energy, agriculture, and housing, is expanding in multiple directions. This is creating growing pains and capacity challenges for many mid-market companies," states Phil Symchych, president of Symco & Co. ( in Regina, Canada, and author of Phil’s Profit Points.

"Businesses that try to grow incrementally will keep banging their heads on the ceiling, because the customers want more. Owners can’t aim for three per cent growth; they need to ask themselves what their business should look like to achieve 300% growth. In other words, they need to grow strategically to grow exponentially. The upside is huge. These are peak conditions for maximizing profitability and business valuation, while setting the stage for a successful business transition or sale," says Symchych.

Dr. Maynard Brusman is a San Francisco Bay Area executive coach and consulting psychologist. He is the president of Working Resources, and an expert in executive coaching and leadership development.

Dr. Brusman notes: "The marketplace as well as the workplace is increasingly multicultural and diverse. Never before have people been required to work together with colleagues and customers from so many different countries and worldviews. More products and services are being consumed outside of their country of origin than ever before, thus increasing global competition."

"According to Dr. Brusman, as this century evolves, it becomes increasingly important for leaders to be open-minded and flexible, with a high degree of emotional intelligence sales competency, if they are to be effective in the global marketplace. Enormous economic opportunities are being pursued in India, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Russia and other countries because of low labor costs, the availability of highly-educated workers and the stabilization of technology."

"Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (QHSSE) will continue its rising importance for the global community," declares Dr. Greg Howes, President & CEO of Treaty Consulting Group, LLC in Melbourne, FL ( "As a global management-consulting firm and business optimization experts, we are helping our clients develop processes that are disciplined and non-bureaucratic. Companies that figure out how to ensure a disciplined and efficient culture will improve both their QHSSE performance and their global competitiveness. To thrive in the global economy, disciplined and non-bureaucratic must be one in the same. Only those companies that implement participative management and relentlessly invest in educating their stakeholders will fashion QHSSE as a competitive advantage."

"As a global business consultant and supply chain strategist, I see 2013 as an opportunity," points out Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group, Inc. in Claremont, CA. Economies are recovering and people are tired of waiting. They’ve become accustomed with the new normal volatility and are figuring out how to succeed globally. Thus, the smart executives are finding ways to leverage this economic opportunity while it passes by their competition."

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