Meet the Awards Committee

The Advancing Consulting  Awards committee is comprised of current SAC members representing regions around the world who will select the recipients of this year’s Corrie Shanahan Memorial Awards for Advancing Consulting.

What Is the Value of the Advancing Consulting Awards?

Thoughts from Current and Former Awards Committee Members

In a disruptive world, it’s more important than ever for independent consultants to honor and learn from peers who are not only successful today—they demonstrate innovation and leadership that advances the field of consulting for the future. The SAC Advancing Consulting Awards recognize an emerging consultant and an established consultant who exemplify these values at the highest levels.

– Pamela S. Harper

This award reflects the spirit of community and character that is integral to the Society for the Advancement of Consulting. It can be a lonely profession, and that gap is bridged with caring, both about the person and the business. If you want to calibrate your expertise with the best in the world, receive straightforward feedback, or just be left alone—we respect that.

– Rebecca Morgan

The value of this award lies in the opportunity it provides for us to recognize consultants who lead us, inspire us, and exemplify the best-of-the-best in the consulting profession.

– Karen Eber Davis

By definition, the solo independent consultant acts alone in business, which can be both a blessing and a curse. SAC is here to provide support, learning, and a peer group to combat the isolation we could otherwise feel. This award is to recognize the consultant who exemplifies these qualities by being both successful in business and helping the profession as a whole advance.

– Evan Bulmer