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So You Want to Be a Consultant –
Everything you wanted to know but weren’t sure who to ask.

One reason why there are so many jobs open at senior levels in corporations is because seasoned professionals have decided they’ve had enough of the corporate world. These folks may be “retiring,” but that doesn’t mean they’re going out to pasture. Expect to see many of these people decide to try to build a consulting practice.

What makes the difference in who will be successful? Knowing how to network, to differentiate yourself with marketing, and how to set profitable fees. We’ll cover each of these topics and more in our new webinar series.

This series has already completed.  Please enjoy the recordings of these webinars below.  If you like what you see, there are a lot more webinars available to members.  Become a member today!

Recorded January 20, 2022

Lisa Anderson

So You Want To Be A Consultant Webinar
Lisa Anderson: Best Practices for Getting Clients through Effective Networking

About the Speaker:

Award-winning business performance expert Lisa Anderson, the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., specializes in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation that maximizes the customer experience and enables profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth.  Lisa is President of the Inland Empire Chapter of APICS (national trade organization supply chain), one of the most active and innovative chapters in the United States.  She has been instrumental in engaging students and has fostered the environment that has earned national recognition for the students from Harvey Mudd College and Cal Poly Pomona.

Recorded February 3, 2022

Linda Popky

So You Want To Be A Consultant Webinar
Linda Popky: Standing Out Above the Noise: How to Build a Consulting Practice that Gets Attention

About the Speaker:

Award-winning marketing expert Linda J. Popky, the founder and president of Leverage2Market Associates, transforms organizations through powerful marketing performance. Her clients range from small businesses and consultants to mid-sized companies and large Fortune 500 enterprises. Named one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Women of Influence and a member of Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consulting® Hall of Fame, Linda J. Popky has extensive experience in marketing – in industry, agencies, and consulting. She is the former president of Women in Consulting and certified as a master mentor in the Private Roster Mentoring Program. Linda is the author of Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage With Marketing That Matters.

February 22, 2022 – 11:00am PT

Constance Dierickx

So You Want To Be A Consultant Webinar
Constance Dierickx: Tips from the Top: Secrets to Building a Successful Consulting Practice

About the Speaker:

Constance Dierickx helps boards and senior executives in a crisis, when the stakes are high, and when leaders believe their business is ossified and they need to shift before changes are forced upon them. Her M&A clients succeed 400% more often than the average; CEO transition clients retain over 95% of executive talent who are not selected for the top job; 98% of board-CEO conflicts are successfully resolved.

Recorded March 17, 2022

Phil Symchych

So You Want To Be A Consultant Webinar
Phil Symchych: Setting Profitable Fees

About the Speaker:

Phil Symchych helps companies develop and implement growth strategies that drive top line sales, increase bottom line profits, and enhance valuations that build business wealth. He has created the global SME Advisor® program to help other consultants and advisors who work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enhance their consulting effectiveness and increase their clients’ results. His proprietary Strategy Wheel(tm)  helps consultants to demonstrate their skill and speed during business development to attract clients, and during strategy sessions to help accelerate clients’ success. Phil is the author of The Business Wealth Builders, along with Alan Weiss. They combined Phil’s knowledge of Main Street businesses with Alan’s knowledge of Wall Street businesses to create a powerful book for creating business wealth. He is also the author of  The Four Roads to Business Wealth.