Beware the Thief of Success

Article by , September 5, 2023

There’s a three-letter word that stands between sellers and success. It’s not the word you. But it’s close. It’s ego: that internal dialogue we all have with ourselves that—if left unchecked—can manifest itself as self-absorption, stubbornness, and gives others the impression we have an attitude problem.

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Let Go of the Script

Article by , August 5, 2023

…your customer isn’t there to evaluate how well you’ve stuck to some shopworn script. All they care about is finding those who understand their problems meaningfully and who can come up equally meaningful solutions. Everything else is just noise

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5 Keys (And a Secret) to Sales Mastery

Article by , July 17, 2023

…let’s talk about the big, ugly secret: every one of these five keys to sales mastery can be taught, but many sellers simply don’t bother applying them. Ever. Unapplied knowledge is a waste of everyone’s time. Don’t make that mistake.

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