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Podcasts hosted by SAC Members

SAC members have extensive experience and well-regarded expertise in their fields, and many of them host podcasts. Check out their podcasts below.

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson hosts What’s Happening in Manufacturing and the Supply Chain. Click on the above link and select “What’s Happening” from the filter results.

Patrick Daly

Patrick Daly hosts the Interlinks Podcast, a program about globalization and the effects it has had on Ireland and other countries around the world over the last 50 years or so. Each program, a person is interviewed about their unique perspective on globalization as it has affected them both personally and professionally.

Pam Harper

Join hosts Pam Harper and Scott Harper on Growth Igniters® Radio for eye-opening conversations with best-selling business authors, emerging thought leaders, and innovative CEOs who are transforming the face of business. Now in its 7th year, each new episode focuses on sparking fresh insights, inspiration, and immediately useful ideas to help you and your organization accelerate to your next level of innovation, transformation, and growth.

Steve Hunt

The Active Performance Podcast hosted by Steve Hunt is a weekly series of insights, ideas and pragmatic tips for global managers to create confidence, clarity and growth in their global business.

Dan Janal

Write Your Book in Flash with Dan Janal was named one of the top 50 podcasts for thought leaders by Thinkers360.com. Dan has interviewed many SAC members on his podcast, which just published its 100th episode.

Oriol Lopez

Oriol López hosts L’Hora de Créixer, the main business podcast in Catalonia, where leaders and business owners share and receive weekly ideas and experiences that help them to develop their strategy and execute their priorities to achieve their financial goals.

Hamish Mackenzie

The Growth Position Podcast with Hamish Mackenzie: Actionable insight for CEOs, founders and executives on positioning their businesses and themselves for stellar performance.

Patton McDowell

Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership offers guidance to senior leaders in the philanthropic sector. Dr. Patton McDowell brings 30 years of coaching and consulting experience from his work with more than 240 nonprofit organizations. The show features over 120 interviews with nonprofit leaders and experts in philanthropy from around the world.

Becky Morgan

Each Wednesday Becky Morgan shares a new episode of her Finish Strong® podcast, bringing insights and fresh thinking for leaders of mid-size manufacturing businesses. In under five minutes your thinking will be jolted, refreshed, verified or challenged.

Dan Norenberg

Norenberg’s Ninety Seconds offers executive coaching insights and tools for leaders who want to play at their best. Videos are posted weekly on Dan’s LinkedIn page as well as on his YouTube channel.

Linda Popky

Linda Popky hosts Marketing Thought Leadership in which she interviews consultants and executives about insightful discussions on thought-provoking marketing topics.

Sten Vesterli

Each Friday, Sten Vesterli is publishing new episodes of his podcast Beneficial Intelligence with stories and pragmatic advice for CIOs, CTOs, and other IT leaders.

Karen Y. Wilson-Starks

Karen Wilson-Starks

Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks publishes new episodes of The Voice of Leadership podcast on Tuesdays and Thursdays, “Friday Tips” from new episodes every week on social media, and episodes from The Archives on Mondays and Wednesdays. The show features Biblical Leadership wisdom for Christian Executives in secular businesses.