One Good Lemon

Weiss Advice Issue: 243,  October 2023

I held a meeting recently in the Grand Hyatt at San Francisco Airport, because it’s so convenient in terms of arrival and departure.

The sales people did not respond to my calls about the simple need for easels and markers in my suite. I booked one large enough for the small group. So I left a message with the general manager who called me back within two hours and told me he’d personally take care of it and there would be no charge.

When I checked into the hotel, I was told I had been upgraded to the presidential suite.

It would have been better if this had never happened, of course, and cheaper for the hotel, but it’s an excellent example of solving problems to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

When I worked with Mercedes, and interviewed the owner of the highest rated Mercedes service dealer in the country, he told me that problems in complex sales and services are inevitable, no matter how focused you are on preventing them. But it’s the way you solve them for the customer that actually improves your position.

“We certainly don’t want to cause problems,” he admitted, “but have you ever raved about a hotel by telling people that the room service arrived on time, or that they didn’t lose your luggage? You expect those standards. It’s when there’s an unexpected deviation and a quick resolution that people say, ‘They paid for one night!’ or “They provided a limo back to the airport!’”

It’s not lemonade from lemons. It a lemon industry that you need to create!

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