Weiss Advice Issue: 244,  November 2023

By the time you read this, I don’t know what the situation in Israel will be after the brutalized slaughter of civilians created by Hamas. I expect a lot of Palestinians will have been killed and wounded, along with Israeli civilians and military.

Meanwhile, after over 600 days, the grinding attrition in Ukraine continues, with apparently deliberate Russian missile attacks on hospitals and malls. (The Hamas killers threw grenades at ambulances.) Many people have lost everything they had.

From Afghanistan to India, from Brazil to the Philippines, drought, flooding, earthquakes, and fires have killed and injured tens of thousands. The US has suffered from these disasters, as well.

They are often “dismissed” on the media when the following story is about a reality show, or a cooking show, or the weather report. They are diminished by the mundane reporting surrounding them.

I remark on all of this to remind you of how fortunate we all are.

So there is really no excuse to be afraid of a business meeting, to fear asking for a referral, or to avoid spending a relatively few dollars on personal development. We tend to think our own challenges (which we too often call “obstacles”) are the worst that can happen to us.

My advice here is to gain some perspective. Understand that you are not the center of this universe and that you have it pretty damn good. So instead of complaining about issues which other people would love to have as their gravest problem, “man-up” (woman-up? person-up?) and deal with them.

TIAABB, there is always a bigger boat, but there’s always a smaller boat, too.

© Alan Weiss 2023

Developmental Opportunities

Thought Leadership 2023

In Thought Leadership 2023 we will: Create dramatic new IP around your expertise; Commercialize IP so as to immediately trademark it; Create a social proof journal which impressively supports your positions and provides instant credibility; Project immediate value so that no one will ever “ghost” you again; Create an “in the buyer’s office” role play which utilizes contemporary events; Use the Wall Street Journal for rich sources of material, which I will demonstrate for each of you; Create a 25-page ebook outline that you can complete with little effort within the following week as a marketing lever.

There will be prep work to enable you to gather the proper materials. Minimum of 10 people, maximum of 20 (physically present) for 1.5 days. The fee is $8,500 which includes a light breakfast both mornings and lunch on the first day, along with favorable room rates. You will get a $1,000 rebate after the program if you:

  1. Stay through the compete session and don’t leave early for the airport.
  2. Submit to me your completed ebook content within 10 days.

You may attend virtually for $7,500, no rebates.