Stop being scared

Weiss Advice Issue: 234,  January 2023

Here’s my advice for 2023: Stop being scared.

I’m not going to enumerate the ubiquitous issues that have sent people into nearly catatonic states. People have stopped attending events, whether for recreation, entertainment, self-development, or socialization. Zoom is an effective augmentation to your business, but it’s a very poor substitute for your life.

I’m writing this at 38,000 feet and 537 MPH. No, it’s not one of my cars, my wife and I are returning from London, before that Miami, before that Brisbane.

I use my share of Zoom for my coaching and quick meetings, as well as my workshops of one-to-three hours. But I augment that with live events and personal meetings. You can’t build a true community as merely a virtual presence. You can’t develop long-term client relationships as a floating head on a screen with a phony background (or your bedroom as the background).

We can’t control the climate, or the age of the sun, or the weather, or the disinformation on social media. We can control our actions and behaviors, our relationships and our contributions, our health and our safety. Perhaps not totally, but mostly.

Focus on what you can create in the world to make it a better place. Covid is controlled and might make you ill as you would be with the flu, but it won’t kill you (unless you’ve decided not to be vaccinated, in which case it could kill you—that’s your choice).

Stop being scared. Get out of the house. Get on an airplane. Market your business. Take some vacations. Volunteer for a local charity. Attend some civic meetings.

If you remain scared you’re going to be flown over, trampled, bypassed, and otherwise left behind by those who aren’t scared and are bold.

“Even if you’re on the right track, if you just sit there you’ll get run over.”
—Mark Twain

© Alan Weiss 2023

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