Out with the Old

Weiss Advice Issue: 219, October, 2021

Well, we’re back to live presentations and in-person meetings. We need to get out some of the old business clothing and start washing our hair. A female colleague told me she was walking around the house in heels to see if she could still do it. I’m trying to find all my shaving paraphernalia.


We shouldn’t be attempting to recreate an obsolete past. We should be creating a new future.

It’s time to abandon the old formulas, the choreographed meetings, the PowerPoint crap, and the mindless formalities.

Try insisting on meeting only the buyer. Confront the buyer with these same facts: Pre-pandemic strategies simply won’t work today (or tomorrow). Consider streamlining everything you do: reduce time frames, throw out the bells and whistles, raise your value and your fees.

The greatest advancements in medicine, communications, technology, and related areas have often arisen during warfare out of exigent need. This may not be war, but it is an opportunity to exploit what we had to do during “lockdowns” into something we now choose to do today,

What are you doing well you should retain? What are you doing fairly well that you should improve? What are do you doing that doesn’t need to be done at all? And what do you need to start doing that you weren’t doing?

There’s a strategy. And while you’re at it, buy some new clothes.