Questions the End of The Year

Weiss Advice Issue: 159, December, 2016

Here are some questions for you as you enter the final month of the year:

  1. Am I where I thought I’d be financially? Why or Why not?
  2. Do I have a healthy pipeline in place for 2017?
  3. Am I reducing labor intensity while I’m growing revenue?
  4. Have I succeeded in soliciting referrals?
  5. Am I receiving unsolicited referrals?
  6. Has my brand improved and visibility risen?
  7. Have I published a book or am I working on one?
  8. Have I written in my 2017 vacations so that I can work around them?
  9. Am I closer to being seen as an expert (or even thought leader)?
  10. Am I financially secure? Have I used money wisely? Are my debts lower than last year?

Take a look at megatrends in finance, globalization, demographics, social mores, technology and other factors. Ask if you’re taking them into consideration in your marketing and offerings.

With a month left in this year, it’s a good time to pause and take stock rather than awaiting New Year’s. Begin the New Year with a running start.