What We Learn from Crisis

Weiss Advice Issue: 211, February, 2021

  • People are resilient and adapt.
  • Larger government is not the magic bullet.
  • Bureaucracy paralyzes speed.
  • Individually, people tend to support each other.
  • Those with cash resources were far better prepared.
  • The stock market and the economy are separate.
  • “Shaming” doesn’t change anyone’s behavior.
  • Paranoia drives conspiracy theories with no evidence.
  • If you care about clients, they’ll care about you.
  • Having an existing community is a powerful dynamic.
  • Both positive and negative traits are amplified.
  • Critical thinking skills are woefully deficient.
  • Preventive action always trumps contingent action.
  • Freedom and defiance are not synonyms.
  • Community organizations are vital.
  • Hypocrisy abounds: You’re allowed scores of people in a restaurant but less than ten at a funeral.
  • Common crisis does nothing to ameliorate political partisanship.
  • We can produce wonder drugs in record time when urgent.
  • We need to take far better care of the elderly.
  • Optimism always carries the day.
  • There will be another crisis.

© Alan Weiss 2021