It’s About Mindset

Weiss Advice Issue: 212, March, 2021

Assuming this publication hits on March 1, in two days I’ll be 75. It’s hard for me to believe, but here I am, very healthy, thank God, and on top of my game. I have four books coming out in 2021 (I urge you to read Legacy, releasing on March 18 (you can preorder and gain bonuses here: I’m also introducing an online learning course, rescheduling live events, and have vacations planned for July and August.

I love what I do. I work about 20 hours a week. You may think, well, “Good for you, but I’m much younger and don’t have your brand.” But the point is, it’s not about brand, it’s about mindset.

My default mindset is optimism and “winning.” I don’t win them all, but I win more than most people, and my attitude is consistently positive. I had my first Covid vaccine shot, I’ll have my second in about ten days from now. I can’t eradicate the disease, but I took precautions and now I’m being vaccinated. I do as much as is in my control to do.

Hence you should be thinking about seizing control and not ceding it. About shamelessly promoting your value because you can help people (not because you’re trying to take money from them). Humility is about understanding others’ worth, not undermining your own.

On March 9 I’m running a Zoom session which will be recorded: Questions I’ve Never Been Asked. It’s self-interview covering issues that I’ve never been asked in the thousands of interviews I’ve agreed to do over the years. You can sign up here:

It’s $1,300, but I’ll give SAC members a $300 discount, and you can watch this globally at your leisure. It’s three hours, nine to noon US eastern time if you want to attend live and ask me questions during the session (or by email after it).

I’ve shamelessly promoted two significant experiences here, my new book and the workshop. That’s because they both have tremendous value to you, I’m proud of them, and you’ll be far better off having participated.

You have to have the courage of your talent. And that’s Weiss Advice for my birthday month.