Targeting Vision

Weiss Advice Issue: 224, March, 2022

Raison D’être: Why are you here? What is your business or personal mission in life?

Environment: What is your environment and potential scope of activities? Is it local, regional, national, international, cosmic? Do you anticipate placid or turbulent times? What is the zeitgeist?

Social Citizenship: What role will you play in the polity, as a corporate citizen, as a contributor to the well-being of others? Will you distribute wealth besides merely generating it? How will your environment become a better place with your help?

Pragmatism: While stretching and dreaming, what is are realistic aspirations? We can’t flap our wings and fly, but we can create innovation, new ways of doing business, and uniquely different relationships.

Legacy: How do we want to be seen and regarded? Every day, what is our actual contribution and what do we envision that it will be as it evolves?

Vision: A mental image of the sum and synergy total of the prior factors, instantiated so that everyone involved can commit to the benefits and accept responsibility for the journey.

Targeting Vision diagram

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