How Have You Been Spending Your Time?

Weiss Advice Issue: 213, April, 2021

As I predicted, the March/April/May business boom is occurring, right on schedule. Even the hospitality industry is looking good. Cruise lines report that bookings in the first half of 2022 are better than the equivalent period pre-pandemic, in 2019.

We’ve made vacation plans for July, August, and October. I’ve schedule major events in September and October “live.” I’m scheduling meetings in person beginning June 1.

Vaccinations are efficacious and increasingly disseminated, despite the bumbling politicians in both parties (the entire pandemic response should have been left to the scientists and the military). Your clients and prospects are now searching for methods to:

  • Determine the efficacy of remote work and how much to continue
  • Determine the comfort level of people returning to a physical office
  • Struggling with employees with new concerns, such as adopted animals, lack of traditional day care, home schooling, and fears of commuting in congested vehicles
  • Trying to bring lower-level people back whose stimulus and unemployment checks may dissuade them from returning
  • Resurrecting global business when many countries continue to be in horrid shape because of poor vaccine rollouts
  • What to do with significant cash reserves since even with revenues down expenses were nil

In response to all this, I’ve created a new approach to strategy (Sentient Strategy®), global crisis coaching for individuals and groups, a global online learning program for emerging entrepreneurs in developing countries, updated three of my books, written a new one, and have contract for two others with co-authors. How about you?

How have you been spending your time? Remember, I work about a 20-hour week. Are you going to surf this great wave or get buried by it?