Attitudinally Speaking

Weiss Advice Issue: 226, May, 2022

Believing in conspiracies is closely linked to paranoia. People would rather believe that they’re being thwarted in their plans, unsuccessful in gaining influence, by unseen forces rather than their own lack of talent, volition, or competence.

Just this morning, on national TV, some reporter was wailing about the “industrial/medical complex.” Of course, “complex” can mean an accumulation of synergistic parts, or a group of emotional ideas that can cause psychic conflict. And that “complex” created a vaccine for Covid in a record-setting brief time.

Over 90 percent of the time when coaching clients complain to me of being “ghosted,” or receiving demands for discounts, or being delegated to human resources and other denizens of the deep, the fault lies with them. They are the commonality, not the clients. They are allowing this to happen, not taking preventive actions, and bemoaning I guess what one might call the “buyer/HR complex.”

Our attitudes have to include:
• We are peers of any buyer.
• We are offering valuable help, not trying to “sell stuff.”
• We must tell people how we work (e.g., on an advisory basis).
• Time-based fees are unethical.
• Strategic decisions must be made by the buyer, not delegated.

Our attitudes reflect our belief systems and are then manifest in our behaviors. You must face your own errors and mistakes, and not allocate them to “stupid” buyers or “unfavorable conditions.” There is not a conspiracy to refuse to engage your assistance. But there is, too often, a paranoia about being rejected, or seen as an imposter, or not being good enough.

Well, that’s a question of what you really believe, isn’t it?

© Alan Weiss 2022

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