SAC Ambassadors

Need help connecting with other SAC members? Want to understand how to get the most value from SAC? Our ambassadors are long-time members who are available to help.

Liz deClifford

Los Angeles, CA

Liz de Clifford has more than 20 years of experience collaborating with business leaders who need to improve their presence, connect with audiences, and achieve results. She has worked with executives at companies such as Google, coached start-ups seeking to secure funding, and executives who need to make an important speech at a conference, seminar, or corporate retreat. Born in England with work experience in Australia and South Africa, Liz also serves clients who seek to reach an international audience.

Sarah Levitt

Raleigh, NC

A trusted and strategic guide to the c-suite, Sarah Levitt brings penetrating insight, wit, and more than 20 years of practical business experience to her work with CEOs, corporate executives of Fortune 1000 companies, and senior leadership teams. Her new book, Magnificent Leadership, distills the essential elements of leadership success.

Sarah is sought as a keynote speaker for national conferences, and a sampling of her engagements include: American Bankers Association, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Hewlett-Packard, BASF, National Association of CEOs, Oracle, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Ignite International Leadership Summit.

She is an inductee into the Million Dollar Consulting® Hall of Fame and lives in Raleigh, NC.

Simma Lieberman

San Francisco, CA – Bay Area

Simma Lieberman helps leaders create workplace cultures where people can do their best work. She is known as “the Inclusionist” because of her ability to bring people together from all backgrounds, work functions and organizational levels to take active roles in building inclusive cultures that last. Simma is a consultant, executive coach and facilitator.