SAC Europe: Online Event – March 16, 2021

Date:March 16th, 2021
Time: 13:30 - 14:30 GMT | 14:30 - 15:30 CET
13:30 – 14:30 BST/IST | 9:30AM – 10:30AM ET
6:30AM – 7:30AM PT
Topic:Digital Media Strategy for Solo Consultants
Presenter:Lisa Larter, CEO and Founder, Lisa Larter Group, Calgary Alberta, Canada
Venue:Online via Zoom – link will be sent to registrants in advance
Charge:Free to SAC members worldwide. $25 fee for non-members.
Organizers:Patrick Daly and Hamish Mackenzie

Lisa Larter: Digital Media Strategy for Solo Consultants

Lisa Larter

As solo consultant or partners in boutique practices, we are often wrapped up in the day to day of helping our clients to achieve their objectives. However, as one mentor keeps reminding us, we, as consultants, are really in the marketing business. Conventional marketing is already a challenge for many of us, not to mention digital marketing with its rapidly evolving tools, techniques, and media.

The disruption we have all experienced over the last year has accelerated the digitisation of most businesses and many of us are now conducting most, if not all, our client interactions through digital media. Now, more than ever, marketing is digital by default and we need to become proficient in its application if we hope to thrive in this business.

Our challenge is to create, distribute and repurpose valuable IP on a consistent basis to increase visibility, leads and sales. While many of us are at good at creating IP we are much less so at positioning it in the right places at the right times and in the right ways on a consistent basis to achieve the desired outcome.

In this event, our SAC colleague Lisa Larter, CEO, and founder of the Lisa Larter Group will teach us how.


  • Understand the importance of a taking a strategic approach to tour digital marketing investment of time and resources.
  • Learn which tools and techniques are most advantageous for the solo consultant.
  • Develop an outline digital marketing plan for your practice.

About the Speaker

Lisa Larter is a Business Strategist, Digital Marketing Expert, Author and Speaker.

Her business, the Lisa Larter Group, helps their clients to formulate marketing strategies that support their business goals and objectives for increasing their visibility, leads and sales customer acquisition. Lisa provides consulting and advisory services as well as a full suite of implementation services that include: social media and content management, book marketing campaigns, and website design.

Lisa’s background is in the wireless industry where prior to starting her own business she helped one of Canada’s largest telecommunication companies build out their retail distribution channel, supporting a field team of over 1000 people and 100M in retail sales. She left that role in 2006 and opened her own retail bricks and mortar business which she sold in 2012.

She has successfully built two businesses that do in excess of 7 figures and has helped many of her clients reach the 7-figure mark, attract 7-figure clients, and sell their own companies.  Lisa is a self-taught high school dropout who runs a business book club called Thought Readers which was inspired to help others learn more so they can earn more.