Summary of Selection Process – SAC Advancing Consulting Awards

Call for Nominations: Nominations can be self-generated or submitted by others. FAQ link on Awards page contains criteria for eligibility and selection.

Confirmation of eligibility: SAC leadership reviews nominations to confirm that each nominee meets eligibility requirements before inviting her/him to submit an application.

Nominee interviews:  Awards Committee reviews each application to ensure that it is in the correct category (Consultant of the Year Award or Creativity & Innovation Award) and interviews each nominee to gain additional perspective about the degree to which they meet selection criteria.

Committee call: Q&A with interviewers to clarify and expand upon results of interviews.

Select finalists via anonymous, confidential online process. Awards Committee members individually decide the degree to which each nominee meets the selection criteria. An independent statistician confidentially scores the survey. The nominees with the highest totals are the finalists.

Interview references: Awards Committee members interview finalists’ references regarding their experiences with the finalist in the context of selection criteria.

Committee call: Awards Committee members who interviewed references share observations with the full committee.

Award recipient selection via anonymous, confidential online vote. Committee members individually decide the degree to which each finalist meets selection criteria, based upon all available information. An independent statistician confidentially scores the survey. The nominee with the highest total score for each category receives the award.

Notify recipients, nominees & nominators. A member of the Awards Committee will confidentially contact award nominees by phone or video call regarding final results. Those who do not receive awards are eligible to re-nominate themselves or to be re-nominated for consideration in following years.

Award recipients must agree to be present at SAC Annual Meeting in October. This year, the award ceremony will be held virtually. Award winners will receive their awards and participate in a moderated panel discussion.

Adjustments and improvements: The Awards Committee meets after the Annual Meeting to review the process, evaluate what worked, determine where improvements are necessary, then propose improvements to the process for the future.

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