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Skip Weisman

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Weisman Success Resources, Inc.
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Now, I know you want to find out how one of my leadership consulting clients lost 5 million dollars in 10 years due to poor workplace communication. But, before I reveal the mistakes the company made - let me share with you some background information on myself. This way, you'll trust the advice and information I offer.

I spent 20-years creating high-performing, high-morale work environments for 5 different minor league baseball franchises, including one that I built from scratch to a 3 million dollar business.

After creating several championship organizations, I started to show CEOs, COOs, VPs and other top executives in companies with revenue between $5 million and $50 million how they can improve their communication using the same strategies championship sports team practice (including the 2011 Super Bowl Champions - Green Bay Packers.)

And, through my work, I discovered that organizational leaders are subconsciously sabotaging their work environment by engaging in communication habits counter to the results they desire. The multimillion dollar mistakes they are making include:

1. Adapting an "avoid and tolerate" leadership style. Many organizational leaders today avoid addressing issues and they are tolerating behaviors that negatively impact the bottom line.You can uncover the costs of avoidance and toleration by reading this case study:

2. Failing to engage ALL employees in creating solutions that will help the organization achieve its goals - and holding them accountable for implementation. Read the case study below to see how improving workplace communication helped a 132 year old insurance agency go from $750,000 in commission revenue to over 1million dollars in commission.

For even more leadership and workplace communication mistakes, grab my special report at:


1. Improving organizational and workplace communication among leaders, executives and employees in insurance companies, CPA and legal firms, nonprofit organizations, global corporations and other businesses with revenue between $5 million and $50 million 

2. Doubling productivity by improving employees' attitudes, morale and motivation. 

3. Applying positive influencing strategies in the workplace that gets results - without using positional authority.

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