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Best Practices Webinar – Nancy MacKay & Alan Weiss

Article by , February 15, 2022

SAC Best Practices Webinar Series The Modern Trusted Advisor – Dr. Nancy MacKay and Alan Weiss About the Speakers: Dr. Nancy MacKay is the founder and CEO of MacKay CEO Forums, the highest impact and least time intensive peer group for over 1200 CEOs, Executives and business owners around the world. With a dream to […]

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Best Practices Webinar: Alan Weiss

Article by , August 25, 2021

Your Legacy is Now…How Are You Building Yours? – Alan Weiss Alan Weiss will share thoughts from his recent book, Your Legacy is Now, to guide us on what we need to do now to build the legacy we want to leave. About the Speaker Million Dollar Consultant Alan Weiss, president of Summit Consulting, has been […]

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Make Some Predictions for Me

Article by , May 1, 2021

Weiss Advice Issue: 221, May, 2021 Make some predictions for me. Seriously, if you’re an expert, you should be able to make predictions. Not all will occur, but some should. If you’re worried about veracity, consider that financial and sports prognosticators are usually wrong. So were the scientists and politicians about Covid. If you get […]

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Ten Ways to Convince a Buyer that Value-based Fees are Best

Article by , December 1, 2020

Weiss Advice Issue: 209, December, 2020 Here are some reasoning points to use to convince the buyer that a value-based fee is always in the buyer’s best interest. 1. There is a cap on your investment. You know exactly what is to be spent and there are no surprises. 2. There is never a “meter […]

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Learning The Basics Of Consulting Methodology

Article by , November 4, 2020

Weiss Advice Issue: 208, November, 2020 I’ve been increasingly encountering consultants who are bidding on—and sometimes winning—contracts that call for methodologies and competencies which they don’t really possess! In the last month alone I’ve received honest inquiries (and sometimes not-so-cleverly veiled mysterious questions) about how to conduct focus groups, what to do when faced with […]

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We Need To Do A 180 on the 360

Article by , September 1, 2020

Weiss Advice Issue: 206, September, 2020 It’s spinning so out of control you can call it a “ten-eighty” I’m dizzy from dealing with coaches who operate as if they’re running a grocery store, hauling items off shelves to meet customer requests. There are some interventions which are just ridiculous. I’ve found purported personality profiles that […]

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Alan’s Ten Step Program to More Powerful Persuasion

Article by , August 2, 2020

Weiss Advice Issue: 205, August, 2020 Build your vocabulary daily Write down and look up words you don’t know Strive for “mid-high” level speech Create and practice metaphors, analogies, and examples Use repeatedly until natural Keep examples contemporary through reading Understand the other person’s behavioral comfort zone Flexibly change your own behavioral set Use emotion, […]

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What Do You Do When You’re Down?

Article by , July 1, 2020

Weiss Advice Issue: 204, July, 2020 This can be a lonely business. What do you do when you’re at the bottom of the curve? You’ve just been fired by a client, you’ve lost that “guaranteed” contract you were promised, the feedback on your session was subterranean, and the bills are mounting in the mail box. […]

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Marketing for the Future

Article by , June 1, 2020

Weiss Advice Issue: 203, June, 2020 Get into the “public square” with your analysis based upon your expertise (supply chain, talent retention, IT, change management, etc.). Err on the side of informing too many people. Send your message in all media: blog, newsletter, video, podcast, teleconference, webinar, livestream—anything not requiring physical presence. Emphasize the difference […]

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Webinar: Alan Weiss

Article by , May 4, 2020

Thriving Through Ambiguity Free to members of the Society for Advancement of Consulting. We talk about “volatility” and “disruption” but they are merely catalysts for a personal and business burden of ambiguity. We tend to thrive when we feel we’re in control, but crumble when we feel we’ve lost control. The best leaders I’ve ever […]

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