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Best Practices Webinar: Mary van de Wiel

Article by , July 20, 2021

SAC Best Practices Webinar Series Checked Your Brand Pulse Lately? Here’s How to Avoid the Trap of Dead Brand Walking – Mary van de Wiel When’s the last time you checked the pulse of your brand? Because whether you know it or not, your brand pulse is giving out important clues 24/7 about what you […]

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SAC Thriving Webinar: Janel Dyan

Article by , April 22, 2020

Thriving Through Ambiguity Webinar Janel Dyan: Leadership Styles in Times of Uncertainty About the Speaker: Janel Dyan is a sought after executive brand strategist, speaker and author of Story. Style. Brand. ™ Why Corporate Results Are a Matter of Personal Style. She is an expert on how to build a story to achieve brand alignment […]

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Thriving Webinar: Lisa Anderon & Linda Popky

Article by , April 10, 2020

Thriving Through Ambiguity Webinar Lisa Anderson & Linda Popky: Leveraging Branding and Networking in Today’s Online World About the Speakers: SAC Executive Director and award-winning business performance expert Lisa Anderson, the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., specializes in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation that maximizes the customer experience and enables […]

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What Constitutes a Leadership Brand?

Article by , December 3, 2019

Product branding is a familiar concept where product identity, reputation and differentiation are promoted. In an ideal world, a product’s image is established in positive ways, and the market is made aware of its presence. While it seems natural to brand products, leaders often don’t recognize how advantageously this principle can be applied to their careers.

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