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Change Management in an Uncertain World

Article by , June 14, 2020

Leaders and managers are testing their assumptions and abilities in change management as organizations, lines of business, and teams are asked to quickly pivot in their roles and responsibilities. Many employees are being asked to take on additional work, perform new tasks, work in new environments, or under increasing pressure. Everyone is affected.

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Wise Business Leadership in Uncertain Times

Article by , May 30, 2020

A leader must be able to keep the big picture in clear view, while attending to all of the small executions that will lead to the right outcomes. They need wisdom. Socrates believed that wisdom is a virtue, acquired by hard work: experience, error, intuition, detachment, and critical thinking; and that the truly wise recognize their own limits of knowledge.

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Tough Times, Wise Decisions

Article by , May 19, 2020

In a time when “flattening the curve” requires universal participation, when, how, and who to re-open requires tough decisions. Wise business leadership is needed more than ever before. We need our leaders to do the right things, in the right way, against the right time frame. The real stand outs can navigate intrinsically complex circumstances, make smart decisions, and inspire others to do the same.

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Mindful Leadership in Times of Crisis

Article by , April 20, 2020

The men and women in charge of our organizations are now faced with unchartered challenges: leading their organization through a global pandemic. In this time of crisis, most leaders are doing their best to step up and inspire people to do their best. And they’re doing a great job.

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What Emotionally intelligent Leaders Do in Disruptive Times

Article by , March 22, 2020

We’ve moved past the industrial age to the information age, where data, blockchain, and quantum computers may prove to be the great disruptors in every economy, sector, segment, and industry. Understanding the basics of these technologies can help leaders address fears and engage all stakeholders in the development of strategies and tactics for sustainable technologies and disruptive innovations.

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How Well are You Listening?

Article by , January 30, 2020

The art of listening is essential for mindful leaders. When we think we already know what someone is going to say, or hear something that contradicts what we think or feel, we often stop listening. We fail to acknowledge that we don’t know what we don’t know, and begin crafting a solution and response. In the process, we hold on to bias, beliefs, and pre-conceived notions.

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