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When Distractions Become Habits

Article by , February 7, 2021

To be sure, some behaviors make for good habits. This includes the behaviors you stopped doing, especially when distractions become habits. In today’s business world, this can make a big difference in your success.

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The Next Wave in Leadership Development: Habits

Article by , January 11, 2021

As a leader, what role do you take in your own leadership development? If 2020 taught us anything, it was the importance of seeing the big picture without losing sight of the small details. This requires a tremendous skill in balancing priorities, energy, and focus. And while most great leaders can take pride in their ability to multi-task under stress, this year has really tested their abilities.

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Mindful Leadership-Self-Kindness Boosters

Article by , December 29, 2020

Work to cultivate greater feelings of kindness. Think of times when you felt a strong connection with someone—a meaningful conversation; a shared success or loss—and journal about the experience. This exercise will reinforce your sense of connection, and satisfy that human need to belong.

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Mindful leaders Improve Employee Happiness

Article by , December 22, 2020

According to a September 2020 report by McKinsey, “Because of the connection between happiness at work and overall life satisfaction, improving employee happiness could make a material difference to the world’s 2.1 billion workers. It could also boost profitability and enhance organizational health.”

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Strengthen Your Workplace Teams

Article by , November 30, 2020

As a leader, what is your strategy to strengthen your workplace teams? The way we live and work has changed tremendously over the past nine months. In many organizations, this shift occurred in a matter of weeks, if not days. As leaders offered greater flexibility, employees quickly adapted to new demands and learned and improved their skills.

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Leading Through Mistakes

Article by , November 4, 2020

Business leaders today are not exempt from making mistakes. While we like to believe their judgment is getting better, certain behaviors make them vulnerable to err, such as mindset failures, delusions, mismanagement, and patterns of unsuccessful (or poor) behavior. Our wishful thinking, denial, and other forms of avoidance often prevent us from seeing their errors—or the mistakes we make.

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Mindful Leaders Embrace Interdependence

Article by , August 26, 2020

We need to rethink our previous assumptions about how we do business, and where we are going. What we have known about the past and assumed about the present is no longer sufficient to prepare for the future. Effective leadership requires a balance of interdependence and independence.

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