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SAC Best Practices Webinar: Cindy McGovern

Article by , March 11, 2020

Every Job Is a Sales Job The days of “sales” being assigned to just one individual or team are GONE—in today’s market, literally every member of your team may come into contact with a client or prospect. And every one of those moments is a selling opportunity…making EVERY job a sales job! Dr. Cindy McGovern […]

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The Value of Alignment: Sales, Operations & Finance

Article by , July 25, 2019

Alignment might sound like a fluffy concept, but it delivers bottom line results. Our most successful clients have achieved the most substantial results from alignment. Although SIOP (Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning) gets a wrap as a technical topic, in our experience, it is the alignment portion of SIOP that delivers the bacon! For example, in […]

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