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Terrie Temkin

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CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc.
PO Box 630745
Miami, FL 33163
Phone: 888-458-4351
Fax: 954-989-3442

Terrie Temkin, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert in nonprofit governance and board development, who is dedicated to building community, not just organizations. A consultant since 1994, she is a founding principal with Gail Meltzer, CFRE and Robyn Fern Perlman of CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc., a consulting firm that engages diverse segments of the community around transformative visions.

CoreStrategies provides the most unique capacity and community building consulting services available to nonprofit organizations today. CoreStrategies helps organizations turn their vision into reality, their mission statement into action by uniting their entire team around common goals that interweave board development, planning, fund development, public relations, marketing and public policy in an integrated approach. You'll see more passion, leadership, shared vision and accountability as a result of the knowledge, skills and motivation Terrie, her partners and their senior associates provide. 

Looking for presentations, workshops, the facilitation of board retreats, ongoing board development, planning or organizational audits? As an award-winning speaker, an engaging group facilitator and a prolific writer, Terrie brings more than 30 years of nonprofit management, organizational and interpersonal communication, and adult education experience to her work.

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Submitted by Terrie Temkin on May 15, 2010
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