UPDATED SAC Request for Quotes: Press Release Change in Topic & Deadline

Article by , March 23, 2020

It is great we have stirred up lots of interest with our new press release topic! Because of your feedback and submissions, I thought I’d re-send with two points of clarification.


#1)  New topic: How to help clients manage through the coronavirus pandemic

You could talk about how businesses should navigate employees, customers, suppliers, through demand spikes/ troughs, shutdowns etc.

#2)  How to submit

Use this link to submit your input of less than 150 words formatted into 2-3 paragraphs in the same format as the prior releases no later than Wed, March 25th by noon Pacific. Please remember to check your grammar and provide your name with attribution! Note that the word count includes your personal information. In order to keep the releases concise and readable, we are unable to accept contributions that are longer than the guidelines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read our prior press releases and send your submissions in this same short paragraph format. We cannot use bullet point lists even though your points are valuable. Please read through examples and resubmit.


Lisa & Linda

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