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Austin Consutling

Sarasota, Florida

Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Leadership, Motivation, Problem Solving, Speaking

I am an executive coach, mentor and advisor. I work primarily with two types of clients: high-achieving successful senior leaders, executives, and managers who want to grow and be even better than they already are, and those challenging star performers who are too good to fire but too difficult to keep.

My special area of expertise is helping clients quickly transform difficult or challenging behaviors into new, instinctive positive ones by teaching them what makes them tick, why they behave the way they do, and how to strategize and choose better, more effective behaviors in their relationships.

I've been a coach for over 25 years, and custom-tailor my work for each specific client's needs. Together we go deep to evoke powerful, permanent measurable changes in their decisions, behavior and the way they work with their own and others' emotions and communications.

Though this work can be intense, my clients see powerful results. Whenever possible I use gentle, appropriate humor as well. In my world, no matter how challenging the work might seem at first, the best learning happens whenever we can enjoy the journey along the way!