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Welcome to the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, a global association of successful independent consultants founded in 2004. If you're looking for excellence in consulting, review the credentials of the members listed here, follow their links, access their intellectual property. Be sure to note those who are Board Approved in various specialties, who have passed an even more rigorous process.

If you're interested in joining, you can find the application here. Membership includes monthly newsletters, monthly press releases, an annual meeting, local meetings, discounted professional services, discounted workshops, free monthly teleconferences, and much more. Take your time, look around the site, and feel free to contact me directly at

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Recent Member Contributed Articles

Prospects to Disqualify

Thinking back over 20 years of my sales career I've met five kinds of people whose behaviors lead me to believe I should disqualify a them as prospect forever. I write about them in my recently released book Nonstop Sales Boom available now.

Sales 3.0: Be Ubiquitous - Invest in Print Marketing

For the past few years, Sales 2.0 has been all the rage with its electronic approach to sales and marketing. We’ve been wrapped up with how low-cost and quick e-mail and web marketing are and with trying to reach the widest audience possible with our banner ads. Meanwhile, print has gone by the wayside.

Take Care of You, Take on the World

You know how it goes. You’re having a hectic week of client meetings or at a tradeshow and things begin to slide in the self-care department. Eat a greasy meal here, pull a late night there, and then load up on caffeine to push through

Seller Types, Implementation & Accountability: Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how the willingness and ability of individual sellers have a direct impact on your company’s growth. And, that once you evaluate team members, you’ll know if sales training is needed and how to customize it.

Six Myths About Emotions for Leaders

When leaders communicate, they often focus on message clarity and overlook its important emotional component. To generate excitement, they need to master their emotional expressiveness.
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